About Sugarpill

An emotive performer with a heart that beats for Portland’s lengthy history of drag artistry and queer nightlife, Sugarpill has dazzled and twirled on nearly every drag stage in town since age 17.

In 2023, Sugarpill celebrated ten years of creating and curating drag in the Rose City.

Sugarpill largely spent her underage years at the all-ages Escape Nightclub and the historic Embers Avenue, gaining vital experience and making lasting friendships. Sugarpill also snatched a few crowns before turning 21, including the title of Rosebud XXXVIII.

Hitting the ground running in 2016, Sugarpill won the all-stars edition of Dragathon, a ten-week competition of both drag and endurance. Sugarpill first competed in season 2 as the first underage contestant, and returned to all-stars to earn the crown.

These days, Sugarpill performs on stages across Portland and beyond and produces thoughtful nightlife events and drag showcases.

Winner: Lavish Pucker Pageant (Sept. 2021)

Winner: Dragathon All-Stars (2017)

Debutante XLVII: ISRC (2017-2018)

Miss Junior Gay Pride: Pride NW (2015-2016)

Winner: Protest Category: Critical Mascara (2015)

Rosebud XXXVIII: Rosebud & Thorn (2014-2015)

Fearless: A Taylor Swift Drag Show (2024)

Ceremonials: A Florence + The Machine Drag Show (2023)

Strapped In: A Sexy Trans + Queer Dance Party (2018 – Present)

Playground: A monthly hosting spot during Wednesday Recess at The Queen’s Head (2022)

Balance: A Libra-themed Drag Show (2019)

Sweet Nothings: Fundraiser shows for a local queer’s cervical cancer treatments (2018-2019)

Performances at top local events: Blow Pony, Twirl, Opal Underground, Club Kai-Kai

Featured Performer: Birth-TAY: A Taylor Swift Birthday Dance Party (2023)

Host & Performer: Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ Grand Reopening (2022)

Grantee: RACC Make | Learn | Build (2021-2022)

Opening Act: Allie X: The Collxtion II Tour (2017)

Featured Performer: Austin International Drag Festival (2016, 2020)